L.A. PET NANNY SERVICE - 24 Hour (at-home) Pet Care Service for all types of pets!!
L.A. Pet Nanny Service brings peace of mind to your doorstep

Why hire a Pet Nanny? Home care reduces pet stress by minimizing separation anxiety. It relieves boredom, maintains healthy routine, and virtually eliminates all risk of contagious diseases commonly found in boarding facilities and Vet offices. And best of all LA Pet Nanny Service comes to you!  Trained and trusted, Red Cross certified in pet safety and first aid, L.A. Pet Nanny Service raises the standard of at-home Pet Care. 
Things you should know about L.A. Pet Nanny Service... this is not a broker or placement service. Catherine personally cares for each and every client, forming close bonds with pets, with direct accountability to owners. Clients are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. And always, complete Confidentiality for all clients is strictly honored.

All services are done at the pet's home. L.A. Pet Nanny Service is NOT a Boarding Facility.
*Hollywood Dog Nanny and L.A. Dog Dynamics are canine-specific branches of L.A. Pet Nanny Service.


Pet services include:
  • Pet Feeding
  • Exercise & Playtime                                                "Barbie loves her nanny...
  • Daily dog walking                                                     Catherine is the very Best!! "
  • Hourly pet sitting                                                        Dr. Mary Ensign ~ Beverlywood
  • Medication administration
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Raw meal preparation
  • Transportation to vet or groomer
  • Supply pick-up
  • Overnight Pet Sitting

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